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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why use Underfloor Heating or Radiator Heating?

These central heating systems generate radiant heat. Radiant Heat is very comfortable and efficient compared to convection type heating. Once people have tried a radiant heating system, it’s hard to use something else.

2. Why should we use Radiant Heating (NZ) Ltd?

We are a team of four, David and Julian are our certifying plumber/gasfitters. Viv is our apprentice and Kathleen manages the office. We care that you get the right result. This begins with initial discussions, detailed design, careful installation and after sales servicing. With more than 1000 underfloor and radiator central heating systems, (in family homes and large residential facilities), throughout Wellington, Hutt Valley, Wairarapa, Porirua and Kapiti Coast, we can say we know about radiant heating. It’s all we do and we don’t use subcontractors.

3. Where do you work?

Wellington, Porirua, Kapiti Coast, Wairarapa, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt.

4. When should I talk to you about heating?

As early on as possible, especially if you are building or renovating.

5. I have a well insulated home, will I need heating?

If you want to live in a healthy home which holds to the World Health Organisation’s recommendation of 18°C to 20°C, then in New Zealand and particularly our part of New Zealand, it’s highly likely you will.

6. Can the installation of the system be done in stages?

Yes, very easily.

7. Can the system heat my domestic hot water?

Yes. If it makes sense to add your domestic hot water to the system, we can do this in a variety of ways. We discuss whether this is appropriate in each case.

8. Will I need supplementary heating?

No. A properly designed system installed in a modern insulated home will create a comfortably warm home.

9. I want to put carpet on the concrete. Does this make underfloor heating less efficient?

Heat is lazy and like water will take the easiest path. If the insulation under the slab is harder to get through than the floor covering, the heat will flow up through the floor covering.

There are so many aspects the floor covering adds to your home and “heating efficiency” need not be factored in. Have what you want. Whatever you choose can be compensated for by insulation.

10. How much will it cost to heat my home?

Given all the choices of energy source, good thermostatic control, modern insulation and the special properties of radiant heat, a modern underfloor heating system or radiator heating system will cost similar and probably less than other forms of central heating. Since there are so many variables, we can discuss this with you. Our clients find a balance between comfort and cost that they are happy with.

11. Why should I use Sunflow Underfloor Heating?

The manufacturers of the Sunflow System underwrite the warranty. The system has been appraised by BRANZ. We have confidence in their product and combine this with our reliable and knowledgeable service, you’ll have a heating system you’ll forget is there.

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